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Leelinesourcing’s the luhur-dipeunteun 1688 agent PERFECT for your wholesale sourcing needs. YOU WIN the pangalusna 1688 products for the CHEAPEST rates. 

We Sourcing, Negotiating, Purchasing, Control Quality, pick up, pack and ship your goods. You enjoy a TIMESAVING import process from 1688.com

1688 Agén

Top 1 Sourcing parusahaan di Cina

Kalayan 10 taun pangalaman dina bisnis sumber china

Taya Sourcing Bébas Resiko Taya Fee disumputkeun

Anjeun bisa meunangkeun Bébas kutipan produk lengkep sateuacan pesenan

Dipercaya ku langkung ti 2000 Pelanggan

Leeline mangrupikeun amanah anjeun agén sumber mitra di Cina

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urang 1688 Agén Jasa Di antarana:

Sourcing suppliers produk

Sourcing 1688 Suppliers

Our PROCUREMENT experts compare and contrast 1688 suppliers. You only do bisnis with RELIABLE and affordable pabrikna.

Cut your SOURCING expenses. Always have peace of mind with our thoroughSUPPLIER SELECTION process. 

Konsolidasi pesenan

SAVE shipping space with Leeline’s CONSOLIDATION services. Buy products from kakalian 1688 suppliers and RECEIVE all your goods dina jumlahna ageung.

Skip the STRESS about paperwork, export licenses, and customs clearance. MAYAR ONCE and wait at the door for your products.

Konsolidasi pesenan
Kontrol Kualitas Produk

Control Quality

anjeun narima products that 100% meet your standards. Our agents cek the materials, quality, and quantity of your goods. TWICE checking before shipping.

We request a product sample in your stead. Get LOYAL CUSTOMERS with TOP-TIER products. 

Private Label & Customized Products

STRENGTHEN your brand identity with ngaropéa products. Include your business LOGO in your goods for MAXIMUM marketing exposure.

Get LEVERAGE in bedah jeung unik packaging and models. Your privately labeled goods make your STORE look professional. 

Label wasta & Label bodas

Dropshipping & Minuhan

Shipping and Fulfillment

Save HALF of your shipping costs. LeelineSourcing’s fulfillment services cover sadaya AIR, RAIL, and SEA freight. Allowing you to prioritize BUDGET, transit time, atawa duanana.

Get EXTRA discounts with recurring and bulk shipments. Ship more often for LESS money!

Naha Pilih Us?

Experienced Sourcing Company

LeelineSourcing is one of the veterans of China’s sourcing industry. You GUARANTEE your products’ safety, quality, and timely delivery. Source and SHIP goods with maximum security. 

Leyuran ngaropéa

RECEIVE customized sourcing solutions. AIMING to mantuan Anjeun earn profits and ESTABLISH your brand in the long run. 

All-in-one Service Provider

From 3PL and white-labeling until the shipping process. LeelineSourcing minuhan every eCommerce service you need. No buts or excuses. 

Ngadangu ti sasama 1688 Dropshippers

I tried to purchase from 1688 myself. It was hard. Sellers overpriced the products since they knew I was a foreigner. Luckily, I found LeelineSourcing. This agent became the bridge between 1688 manufacturers and me. Helping me get the best prices I didn’t even know were possible. I highly recommend this company!

– Austin, AS


Henteu aya biaya upfront anu ditagihkeun nalika urang ngamimitian jasa sumber, kami ngan ukur ngecas nalika anjeun sugema sagalana kalawan kami ti sourcing, cutatan, urutan handap pikeun pengiriman barang. Kami komitmen ka sourcing produk kualitas luhur kalawan ongkos pangalusna mungkin via lengkep prosés transparan; Taya fee disumputkeun bakal ditagihkeun.

Pesen AmounMuatan LayananIstilah pamayaran
Kurang leuwih $ 500$100
$ 500- $ 1,00015.0%
$ 1,000- $ 2,00010.0%$ 2000 atanapi kirang 100% pamayaran nalika nempatkeun pesenan
$ 2,000- $ 3,0009.0%
$ 3,000- $ 5,0008.5%
$ 5,000- $ 7,0008.0%
$ 7,000- $ 10,0007.5%
$ 10,000- $ 15,0007.0%
$ 15,000- $ 20,0006.5%$2000 di luhur 30% dibayar salaku deposit sareng kasaimbangan dibayar sateuacan dimuat
$ 20,000- $ 25,0006.0%
$ 25,000- $ 30,0005.5%
$ 30,000- $ 35,0005.0%
$ 35,000- $ 100,0004.5%
$100,000 di luhur4.0%

tips: Upami pesenan anjeun cukup ageung sareng jumlahna langkung luhur tibatan $ 150000, biaya jasa sareng istilah pamayaran tiasa ditawar.

Siap ngamimitian?

Hubungi kami ayeuna pikeun ngamimitian mésér produk ti 1688 sareng ngembangkeun bisnis anjeun.

Top 25 1688 Agents Help You Buy From 1688

1688 is one of the pangalusna wholesale sites for business owners. 

But without a RELIABLE 1688 agent, you kiss this platform’s LOW PRICES goodbye. 

Hundreds of our clients tried to buy from 1688 on their own. Only to be DISAPPOINTED by the kandel language barrier. Getting in the way of NEGOTIATIONS and terms agreement.

The only way to avoid this? Hiring a 1688 agent. 

Abdi capé loba 1688 agents in Mainland China. And COMPILED the top 25 companies with dibuktikeun track records. You always get the BEST products for your business. 

Want a spoiler? LeelineSourcing is the KING of this list. This agent has taun of experience leveraging better prices with 1688 manufacturers. You source leuwih produk bari cicing dina anggaran Anjeun. 

Keep reading to MAXIMIZE your business’ potential. 

Top 25 1688 Agents Help You Buy From 1688

1. Panunjuk arah


ngabagéakeun paling dipercaya 1688 agent: LeelineSourcing.

Éta pangalusna one-stop shop for businesses who want to EXPAND their product selection. This company DIRECTLY kunjungan anjeun 1688 nu nyadiakeun’s FACTORY. Ensuring your goods are UP to your standards. No room for sourcing mistakes. 

LeelineSourcing also has FREIGHT FORWARDING services. You order both in BULK or small quantities with ZERO problems. 

Anu kuring resep: 

  • 24/7 dukungan palanggan. LeelineSourcing responds to concerns in 24-48 hours. You won’t tekenan when sourcing with this agent. 
  • Timely product samples. I got my sample in LESS THAN a week. Your business’ product development process will be SHORT. Allowing you to ngajual and earn profits faster. 

Naon anu kuring henteu resep: 

  • LeelineSourcing’s business hours aren’t morning in North America. You must stay up late to hop on a call with this agent. 

2. CNXtrans


kapal pinter jeung CNXtrans.

This company is a ngarah China-based agent of 1688. Customers worldwide enjoy BIG discounts on their courier rates. 

 Anu kuring resep:

  • Free warehousing services. CNXtrans offers FREE unlimited storage for your orders. This ultimately saves you TONS of money, especially for pesenan bulk.
  • CNXtrans offers AFFORDABLE shipping rates! I was able to enjoy 60-70% OFF their freight services. Lower than most shipping rates. 

Naon anu kuring henteu resep:

  • The confirmation of your submitted orders took a while. 

3.  Ezsourcify


Teu gaduh pangalaman in sourcing products?

EZsourcify makes the process EZ FOR YOU. You’ll be matched with the BEST factories in just 2 days. Allowing you to SPEEDBOOST your product development process! 

Anu kuring resep:

  • EZsourcify offers a FREE pamariksaan kualitas. Ensuring that each product meets the quality standard you require. This service is unlikely to be offered by most agents. Extra savings for you! 
  • This agent’s dina waktosna delivery is unmatched. I got my goods earlier than expected. Get an undivided focus on OTHER ASPECTS of your business. Knowing that your shipment is in the right hands.

Naon anu kuring henteu resep:

  • I find their photography service quite expensive than most agents offering similar services. 

4. Suplai


Transparency meets reliability. That is what Supplyia proves to be. 

Experience a new level of sourcing excellence with their service plan. Offered at VERY affordable rates. 

Anu kuring resep: 

  • Tons of VALUE-ADDED services. Enjoy stress-free processes from sourcing, and quality inspection, until MOQ negotiations. 
  • Transparent pricing. I knew EXACTLY how much I spent. Just by scrolling through its website. You SAVE time as a business owner. 

Naon anu kuring henteu resep: 

  • No customer support during the weekends. 

5. Lovbuy


Love SOURCING in bulk? Not a problem! 

Lovbuy is pangalusna known for its BIG gudang capacity. Purchasing bulk orders is a no-brainer. Source and SHIP without breaking the bank. Thanks to Lovbuy’s LOW-COST freight services.

Anu kuring resep: 

  • Lovbuy provides API (Application Programming Interface). Helping YOU streamline processes like manual encoding of orders. You minimize errors in your business operations.
  • Abdi sanggup éféktif communicate my needs to this agent. You ENSURE no room for misunderstanding when sourcing your products. Never run out of stock! 

Naon anu kuring henteu resep:

  • No public phone numbers are available. It’s not the best option if YOU want to hop on a call terus di perjalanan. 

List of 1688 Agents

agen palayanan location
Best Fulfill 1688 Sourcing Agent Guangzhou, China
Agen Purchasing Cina Purchasing Services Shenzhen, Cina
1688 Sourcing Agén Sourcing Hangzhou, Cina
Just China It Product Sourcing Services China & UK 
Niche Sources Sourcing Wholesale Goods Yiwu, Cina 
ChinaSourcify Sourcing Agent and Pengiriman Pengiriman Yiwu, Cina 
Minden Sourcing China Sourcing Company Yiwu, Cina 
Arcadia SourcingChina Manufacturing ServicesHong Kong, Cina
SourcingWiseAgén Sourcing Yiwu, Cina
Quik Sourcing Product Sourcing & ConsultingKanada 
Maple Sourcing Agén Sourcing Shenzhen, Cina
LINC Sourcing Produk Sourcing China & Europe
China2West China Sourcing Company China & US
Cocog Sourcing Fast Sourcing Services Guangzhou, China 
Impor dipandu1688 Agén Shenzhen, Cina
Sourcing Nova Agen Sourcing di Cina Shenzhen, Cina
JS SourcingSafe Sourcing Procedures Shanghai, Cina
Grup MeenoPerusahaan Sumber Yiwu, Cina 
Iris Internasional Agén Sourcing Hong Kong, Cina
B2C Sourcing1688 Chinese Agent Ningbo, Cina

How to Import From 1688?

How to Import From 1688

Importing from 1688 doesn’t have to be oge rumit. 

From experience, it’s best to USE a sourcing agent to navigate this platform. But if you don’t have one. FOLLOW the léngkah below to do business langsung with 1699 suppliers. 

Step 1: Use Google Translate. 

Suppliers and manufacturers in 1688 are ALL from China’s domestic market. Hence the website is MAINLY written in the Chinese language. 

Unless you know how to read Chinese… 

Download the Google Translate chrome ngahadean. Allowing you to READ the entire website in English. Don’t worry. It didn’t take longer than 3 minutes when I tried downloading this extension. 

Step 2: Find products.

Let me show you 3 ways to find high-quality products in 1688. 

Use the search bar: 

Here’s the CLASSIC approach most wholesale buyers know. You just type in keywords (in English or translated to Chinese) and hit milarian. 

Upload a photo: 

ketok ikon kaméra in the site’s upper-right corner. And upload the image of the PRODUCT you want to buy. 1688 then list similar-looking manufactured products. Helping you compare the products’ minimum order quantity, product quality, and rates.

Step 3: Order directly from the sellers 

Verify. Negotiate. Agree on your terms and agreement.

Those are the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of this step. Take note that most suppliers in 1688 can’t speak English. Hence, I highly recommend contacting a reliable agent when buying from this platform. Especially if you ulah want to get HIGHER prices from many suppliers. 

How to Choose High-Quality Suppliers On 1688?

#1. Check Ratings.

Ratings are eupan balik from PREVIOUS buyers. Making them my go-to indicator when checking a supplier’s capabilities. 

By checking the ratings of suppliers on the 1688 platform…

You’ll have a better gagasan of their OVERALL reputation. You also get ACCURATE INSIGHTS into the quality of products and services they offer. 

Inget: Higher ratings mean GREEN FLAG! 

#2. Read Reviews

Reviews are also written by a supplier’s previous buyers. But they include MORE DETAILS about their past experiences. I often check reviews ONLY after I verify that a seller has POSITIVE ratings. 

Carefully check if the reviews mention issues or praises. Helping you DETERMINE whether or not they are high-quality suppliers.

#3. Ask For Samples

Product samples are another BANTU indicator of high-quality suppliers on the 1688 website. 

Samples show whether the suppliers produce kualitas luhur products. You’ll know beforehand what to expect from that supplier.

Kumaha Mayar Barang dina 1688.com?

How to Pay for Goods on 1688.com

There are various ways to settle payments of goods on 1688.com. Here are the payment methods 1688 sellers accept. 

metoda 1: Bank Transfer

This is the most common payment method SUPPLIERS accept in 1688.com. It’s easy, faster, and convenient for both parties.

To initiate the transfer…

Simply TRANSFER MONEY using your supplier’s bank account. 

And once the transfer is complete…

Notify the seller of the payment details. Such as the amount and date of transfer. Then wait for the 1688 seller to confirm the receipt of payment.

Metoda 2: Alipay

Alipay is a dompét digital mirip Paypal. This payment method is secure and efficient for online transactions.

Alipay allows you to pay suppliers in the 1688 shop. Without the need to enter your payment information EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

To use Alipay: 

  1. Create an Alipay account first.
  2. Include sufficient funds in it. 
  3. Wait for your supplier’s payment request link. 
  4. Send the exact amount of money.
  5. Wait for your seller’s confirmation. 

Metoda 3: Kartu kredit

pembeli without a Chinese company bank account may find this method more convenient.

You just have to provide your credit card information to the 1688 site. Similar to how you buy goods from any other platform. Just keep in mind that waragad tambahan may INCUR for international transactions.

Pilari Agen Sumber Pangsaéna Cina?

Leeline Sourcing ngabantosan anjeun mendakan pabrik, kéngingkeun harga anu kompetitif, ngiringan produksi, mastikeun kualitas sareng nganteurkeun produk ka panto.

FAQs about 1688 Agent

Can you use a credit card for 1688?

Yes. However, there are additional service fees on every transaction. Such as currency conversion or international transaction fees. These fees will be ADDED to the total cost of your purchase.

How much does a sourcing agent cost?

The cost of hiring a sourcing agent varies depending on several factors. Those include the services they offer. Level of experience and reputation. The last one is the complexity of your required sourcing service. 

Where to find China Sourcing Agent?

Here are some of the BEST WAYS to find a agén sumber Cina. You go to B2B platforms, trade shows, or online directories. You also use search engines like Google. Or go to Facebook Marketplace and look for posts regarding sourcing agents. And last but not least. You ask for recommendations from other business owners. 

Can you use 1688 in English?

1688 is a Chinese-based B2B platform. So its website is PRIMARILY in Chinese. But you use it in English with an online translation tool. The second option, and my personal recommendation, is hiring a sourcing agent.

Naon salajengna

A  sourcing agent is the KEY to muka konci the hidden treasures of 1688. THE BEST wholesale platform worldwide. You can’t WIN the lowest prices without a partnered 1688 Agent. 

Still don’t have one? 

Tong runtah waktu. Kontak Leelinesourcing! Our EXPERTS help you sumber the best products without delay. 

Naha anjeun hoyong suksés bisnis impor?


Hei, abdi Sharline, ko-pangadeg LeelineSourcing. Kami parantos ngabantosan 2000+ konsumén impor ti Cina.

Naha anjeun hoyong harga anu langkung saé pikeun produk atanapi pengiriman?

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